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Multifandom pretend dating/relationship fest!

Yep, Another one! But damn, does this look fun! It's a comment fest over on [ profile] blue_eyed_1987's journal. Leave a prompt, fill a prompt, do both-it's all good!
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So a bunch of my friends are doing it: [community profile] trope_bingo. Looks like a lot of fun!

truth or dare game night mistletoe kiss secret twin / doppelganger au: daemons
cross-dressing de-aged accidental marriage fake relationship kidfic
kiss to save the day day at the beach FREE

fuck or die amnesia
au: fantasy secret child au: cop / detective au: coffee shop genderswap
snowed in au: magic road trip au: apocalypse celebratory kiss
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This is really just a rant but I keep seeing this and it really honks me off. There are two places in particular that this issue keeps popping up.

First, I am a happy member of [ profile] merlin_finders. I love getting recs from other people's searches and I like being able to help out if I can find something for someone else. All in all, it's a great comm. However, I really, really hate when someone takes the time to emphatically specify, NO SLASH. Really? You have to just spew it out like that? Not, "I prefer gen fic" or "I'm looking for het pairings"?

I mean, I understand that slash isn't for everyone and you are certainly within your rights to read what you want to read but there really is something about the way that phrase reads that just screams homophobia to me.

I find it amazing the amount of intolerance you can cram into two small words. The disgust and disdain that pours off that simple statement is astonishing.

On, authors show their hate with the same phrase or the slight variant of Not Slash and they often take the time to put in bold, italics or ALL CAPS just to be sure you got the message. Slash is nasty and you won't find it in my pristine little fic!

This has been building in me for a while now. I used to just shrug and keep on going but the more I see it, the more it bothers me. I have to be honest, I don't care how good your story might be, if you label yourself as a homophobe at the very top of the damned thing, I sure as hell am not going to read any further. It's not that I'm exclusively looking to read slash either. I'll take well written het and gen fic any day. But I'll be double dipped in dog shit before I support the work of an intolerant prick!

Same thing goes for searches on [ profile] merlin_finders. If you say NO SLASH, you get NO FIC from me. I may have exactly what you are looking for in my hot little hands but you have just shown yourself unworthy of my help. Take your shriveled little hating heart and be on your way.

OK, that's it for now. Time for me to go fall on my nose and sleep for a few hours!
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I am a member of [ profile] merlin_finders and I love stalking other people's posted searches because I find so much good merlin fic that I've managed to miss on my own by doing so. I am occasionally startled when someone is looking for or recs one of my fics but it's happened a few times.

Today someone asked "Please rec the most painful, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching M/A fic you can." Another lj user made a few specific story recs and then added "In general, I'd recommend these two authors (for wrenching of guts)" and I was one of them. It has me that a good thing?

I mean, it's beyond lovely to have my fic mentioned (how could it not be?!) but does it mean that I am way too predictable in what I write? I find myself worrying that people assume everything I write will rip their guts out and...well, I do do a lot of angst but not all of it's heartbreak! I don't think...

So, OK, has anyone actually read a smattering of my work or do I completely scare people off with the tone of some of my stories? I'm just curious. I'm going to continue to write what inspires me but I'd really like to know if I'm seen as that much of a constant downer.

Seriously, you can be honest and I won't be offended, I am genuinely interested in how my writing is perceived. So let me have it, fire away!

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Something someone wrote in a video summary brought a thought to my head that made me sick to my stomach. (Well, I already was sick to my stomach, have been all day, this just made it worse.)

When interviewed, the J's have kind of blown off the magical reveal. That irritated quite a few of us fans. They've also now revealed that they are going to do a pretty big jump in time between Series/Season 4 and 5 (if Mordred's apparent age is any indication it's going to be a hell of a leap forward).

What if those muthafucka's do the magical reveal off-screen sometime in the years between Season 4 & 5? What if we NEVER get to see it at all?

*screeches and tears out a few handfuls of hair just thinking about it*

They CAN'T do that to us...can they?

Not a nice thought at 3:30am.
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I don't normally inflict my issues on everyone else but I'm feeling so odd about the news I got today. For anyone who doesn't know I was involved in a rather terrible auto accident in Sept of 2009. As a result of the accident I sustained quite a few injuries but the worst damage was to my cervical spine. I've undergone several procedures to fix everything that was broken/injured. The last surgery, just over a year ago was a two level discectomy/laminectomy with spinal fusion. I had known at 6 mos post surgery that one of the fusions was still unstable but my MD was of the opinion it would continue to heal. Now it's safe to say it hasn't and isn't going to. So today I got to see the lovely gap where the donor bone they used failed to calcify and left me with an open area in the space where my disc used to be.

Needless to say, I've been in a lot of pain. I'm not sure whether or not I should be happy that I have to undergo the knife again. Finding out that my fusion didn't heal means that there is still hope to fix it and potentially reduce my pain because if he'd found today that it was healed that meant I would have had no hope of anything in my future but drugs drugs and more freakin drugs. On the other hand, it's more surgery on my spine and a more painful procedure at that. I can't say that makes me happy. Also I'd been hoping to go back to work at the end of the month and well, clearly that's not going to happen.

So here I sit, not quite sure how to feel about all this. Is it completely pathetic of me to just wish for it all to go away? I just want my life back.
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I can't stop laughing! They just released the January Birthday Masterpost on [ profile] merlin_gifts and as my birthday is at the end of the month, my post is at the bottom of the list. I read through everyone else's then came to mine.

*crickets chirp*

I look like the biggest Pervert that ever perved in fandom! I am laughing my butt off in embarrassment here. And blushing and realizing I am definitely a victim of my own tendency to share far too much information.

Oh well! It's not like it was a big secret or anything...

Seriously though, I feel like a prostitute who got the address for the bachelor party wrong and wound up at some kid's 5th birthday celebration instead...aaaaawkward!

OK, I am off to either drown myself in the toilet or stick my head in the oven. Decisions...
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I will never, ever, ever again publish an actual WIP. What the hell did I get myself into? It's not my commitment to story that's an issue, it's the commitment of others that is wiggin me out. I never anticipated having the weight of other people's expectation hang over something I wrote. But here I am, seven chapters into a work and I know it's just going to piss people off when they finally get to the end.

I didn't mean for it to happen! I actually started this stupid thing off with totally different expectations of where the plot was going. It's morphed into something unrecognizable from it's starting point and as such, I can't in good conscience give it the happy ending I was going to originally pen. I unwittingly wrote my characters into a scenario of domestic abuse and I just can not, can not even in a fantasy setting, give lip-service to the idea that abusers change.They do NOT. Well, not without intense personal motivation, self-control and a lot of therapy. Therapy that just wasn't available in the 6th century. Sorry, can't do it. I like fantasy, hell I adore fantasy but I am not perpetuating the fantasy that after beating up a loved one, saying I'm sorry with lots of tears makes it all better. It's only better til the next time.

So, I have readers already begging me for a happy ending that I'm not going to give them and I now realize that this will probably piss off at least 80% of the people kind enough to give my scribbles their attention (& that's likely a conservative estimate). I have come to the conclusion that it's my fault for ever publishing something without having thought it through. It will not be happening again. From now on, anything I post will be finished at least in rough draft form. I'm not going through agonies of indecision and angst over my own damn plot lines again!

As my dear departed father used to say, "Live and learn, kid! Live and learn!"

I mean, this too shall pass, right?
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I have officially gone from lurker to joiner. No hiding it! Fingers crossed for Team Cannon!

Honestly, I'll take what team they give me and try to work it, isn't that the nature of a true challenge?


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