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Originally posted by [ profile] moonilicious at Merlin RPF Challenge

Welcome to our first challenge of the year!

Art by [ profile] alby_mangroves ♥ [full size]

The Challenge Write a story of min. 1,500 words or create at least one piece of any other type of fanwork.
The Deadline September 22nd.

We're aiming for an RPFsplosion on September 22nd, meaning everyone posts on that date.

To sign-up, leave a comment telling us what your favorite thing about your favorite Merlin RPF pairing is.

If you don't have the time to participate right now don't worry, we're going to run another challenge towards the end of the year which will have a theme and might be prompt based, either way this isn't your last chance to sign up. :)

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So, I joined this thing. I'm always making icons and I thought, what the heck? Why not join an icontest community where I get to make pretty mini-pics of BRADLEY JAMES!! Seems a good use of my non-writing time, right?

OK, so now that I joined, I need a bit of help from my flist! Obviously, I can't tell you which icons are mine, but if you could GO HERE and VOTE I'd be very, very appreciative <3

It'll only take a few seconds...please?

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Come join the Dragon Big Bang! Sign ups start June 1st!
Author Sign-ups | Artist Sign-ups

Guise! This isn't due until February of 2014...PLENTY of TIME!!


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