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Originally posted by [ profile] alby_mangroves at Prepare for Glomping

Are you a lurker? A reader? A commenter or an enabler in the wonderful Merlin fandom?


Come and be glomped at the [ profile] glomp_fest!

The creators whose art and fic you've enjoyed are watching the prompts roll in, ready to claim one and fill it with their love.


Prompt us. Prompt us now.

Prompting for round 3 opens October 1st, 2013!
F.A.Q. // Support // Tumblr

Sharing the love! Please direct comments and questions to [ profile] alby_mangroves at her Original Post
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 photo AltocelloBDay2_zps137e1ec6.jpg

I know it will be a TOUGH decision ;)

Dear [ profile] altocello,

Happy Birthday My Amazing Friend!! I hope you have the MOST WONDERFUL DAY EVER!!

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1Deminos B-Day

Happy Birthday BB!! Hope it's a wonderful day for you <3

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If you are a fan, a female, a female fan or know any female fans then check this out:

Fangirl Isnt' A Dirty Word by Deborah Stanish

Thanks to [ profile] issy5209 for pointing this article out!

I am quite happy to identify as a "fangirl" even if I technically left my girlhood long ago. And while I do roll my eyes a bit at the public behavior of some fangirls (harassing actors in their private lives is just not cool) by and large, most of the fangirls I know are seriously cool people and I am proud to call myself one of them.

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I won for Best Use of Colour and came in 3rd overall!

Here was my winning submission:

 photo BSC-130-icon2.png

And these were also mine:

 photo BSC-130-icon5.jpg  photo BSC-130icon1.jpg  photo BSC-130-icon3.jpg

Many many thanks to all of you who voted in the challenge! I really appreciate it <3

And if you are so inclined to vote again-We have a New Challenge going on now. Once again, I'd be ever so grateful if you could swing over there and check it out :D
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Happy Birthday BB! Just wanted to wrap up two of your favourites with a pretty red ribbon ;)

Love You Girl!!

 photo BdayBanner-Millionstar_zpsdbb45a2a.jpg

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1Banner for Shelle

Happy Birthday my DEAREST FRIEND!! May this mark the start of one of the BEST years of your life. Rockn, you are one of the most purely good people I have ever met in my life. Thank you for the gift of your friendship, I genuinely treasure it ♥

Forgive the late post!

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 photo JelaB-DayBanner_zps4a73f945.jpg

Alex just wanted you to know he's a big fan ;-)

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend!!
I hope it's a truly special day for you.

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 photo 1HBCastmeaway2_zpsd4980727.jpg

I hope you have a truly magnificent day, my dear!

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 photo DHBday_zps77615a11.jpg

 photo DHBday2_zps5092caf0.jpg

 photo DHBday3_zps88b872b2.jpg

Happy Birthday, my friend!!
I hope you have a FANTASTIC day!

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Happy Birthday to my lovely friend [ profile] issy5209! I hope your birthday is everything you wish for <3

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1 Happy B-Day Winterstorrm

Annie, my wish for you is that you have the Happiest of Happy Birthday's!!
Thank you for being the first friend I ever made in this fandom and for always encouraging and believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.


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