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Originally posted by [ profile] teprometo at Arthur/Merlin-esque T-Shirt Available!

I mentioned in a previous post the possibility of creating a fannish shirt. After discussing it a bit and playing around with ideas, Nic came up with an idea for an original design that is really fucking gorgeous, if I do say so myself. He's not fannish at all and will be buying one of the shirts for himself because he likes the design so much, and I will be buying one for mostly fannish reasons. The beauty of it is that it's really its own concept but it still can be interpreted fannishly.

We also discovered that we could roll different shirt styles and brands into the same goal, which is awesome. That means we can satisfy people who want the girly cut shirts, people who want larger sizes, and people who want to tell American Apparel to suck it (though the red is a bit darker because Hanes doesn't have the same color selection). Because there's a limit of five products that can be part of the same campaign, we were only able to offer alternate colors in the American Apparel shirts.

Yammering aside, I unveil to you The Bandit King, a T-shirt you will never have to explain away, because the non-fannish concept is provided for you in the title.

Order One Now!

If you have any questions, let me know!

And please share this post or the link to the shirt with those who may be interested!

Please direct comments/questions to [ profile] teprometo's original post. Thanks!
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Originally posted by [ profile] teprometo at Subtle Arthur/Merlin T-Shirts, Anyone?
Please share this post if you're the type of person who shares posts.

As lots of you know, Knerkle does a significant amount of design work. He recently bought a crowdsourced T-shirt and loved the experience so much, he wants to make one of his own. We thought it would be a great opportunity to have an experienced T-shirt designer make subtle shipping shirts. So many shipping shirts are either really blatant (which embarrasses a lot of people) or are just poor quality (either in design or in construction).

Nic is thinking the T-shirts would probably end up around $18, which is more than I pay for my flimsy Target T-shirts, so I know that's a scary price tag, but they'd be lady-cut American Apparel T-shirts, which are usually $20-$25 plain, because they're ridiculously comfortable and durable. And they do real silkscreening, so you are paying for a quality product.

So basically, I'm trying to figure out how many people would be interested. This website is like Kickstarter in that people will only be charged/the shirts will only be made if a certain number are sold, so it doesn't make sense to go to the work of designing the shirts if there won't be enough interest to get them made.

This isn't a thing Nic is doing to make money. The most he'd make is probably $25, and he charges at least $80 an hour when he bills for design work. He's just excited about doing the crowdsource thing, and this is a great way to both satisfy his curiosity and bring extra joy to fannish people's lives.

TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS! Concerns, suggestions, and enthusiasm welcome!

If this is a success and a good experience, there is a possibility of branching out into other fandoms/ships/whatever.

ETA: So lots of you are pissed about using American Apparel T-shirts, which I understand in theory, because misogyny and douchebaggery is not okay. In practice, however, printing on guilt-free textiles is not accessible. The only other options for shirts on Teespring are made using slave labor, or the next closest thing. American Apparel, while still full of ethical issues, at least pays their workers, and the product is much better. So I mean, go with your conscience, but Hanes is not an ethical upgrade.

Please Comment at [ profile] teprometo's original post so she can gauge interest in the project! Thank you!
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[ profile] merlin_writers - for Word Wars and Whatnot!

We offer support, encouragement and inspiration for your writing!

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Originally posted by [ profile] moonilicious at Merlin RPF Challenge

Welcome to our first challenge of the year!

Art by [ profile] alby_mangroves ♥ [full size]

The Challenge Write a story of min. 1,500 words or create at least one piece of any other type of fanwork.
The Deadline September 22nd.

We're aiming for an RPFsplosion on September 22nd, meaning everyone posts on that date.

To sign-up, leave a comment telling us what your favorite thing about your favorite Merlin RPF pairing is.

If you don't have the time to participate right now don't worry, we're going to run another challenge towards the end of the year which will have a theme and might be prompt based, either way this isn't your last chance to sign up. :)

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[ profile] merlin_sexstars

A new Merlin fan community/fest focused on fanfiction and art that includes rentboys, porn stars, strippers, sex slaves, and escorts!

All eras, genres, pairings, and ratings are welcome as long as the posted work meets the theme of the community. (Sex and money and money for sex!)

Run, don't walk over there and CHECK IT OUT!! It's Merlin, it's Money, it's SEX, it's SEXIN' MERLIN FOR MONEY!! What's not to like about this concept? Nothing, that's what. Now GO!

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So, I joined this thing. I'm always making icons and I thought, what the heck? Why not join an icontest community where I get to make pretty mini-pics of BRADLEY JAMES!! Seems a good use of my non-writing time, right?

OK, so now that I joined, I need a bit of help from my flist! Obviously, I can't tell you which icons are mine, but if you could GO HERE and VOTE I'd be very, very appreciative <3

It'll only take a few seconds...please?

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Come join the Dragon Big Bang! Sign ups start June 1st!
Author Sign-ups | Artist Sign-ups

Guise! This isn't due until February of 2014...PLENTY of TIME!!

Pimp Time!

May. 31st, 2013 09:27 pm
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Join the [ profile] merlinmpreg fest!
[Art by [ profile] amphigoury. Banner by [ profile] fuckyeah.]

Prompt claiming is open at MpregFest! Go go go!

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Greetings my lovely flist! I'd like to take a moment to pimp out the [ profile] paperlegends authors still in need of cheerleaders. I've been lucky enough to have plenty of support for my own Big Bang Odyssey but there are a lot of authors who could still use a bit of encouragement.

If you haven't already signed up, would you consider heading over to the Cheerleader Request post and volunteering to cheer on one (or more) of this year's participants? Every author has different needs and their individual posts reflect that. Check them out, someone needs what YOU have to offer <3

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Multifandom pretend dating/relationship fest!

Yep, Another one! But damn, does this look fun! It's a comment fest over on [ profile] blue_eyed_1987's journal. Leave a prompt, fill a prompt, do both-it's all good!


Jan. 4th, 2013 07:07 am
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Pretty sure I'm going to write for this again this year :D Join me?

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[ profile] merlin_art_fest

Prompting is OPEN and it's anonymous so feel free to ask for WHATEVER you want!! Go HERE to submit. You only have until the 30th so get on it!

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MerlinREDUX Art/Fic Fest

Unhappy with how Merlin has turned out? FIX IT!!


Dec. 22nd, 2012 03:49 pm
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A celebration of fanart in the Merlin fandom!

[ profile] merlin_art_fest

OMG!! You guys...It's ALL ART!! How fucking cool is that??


Nov. 12th, 2012 10:37 am
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Banner by [ profile] fuckyeah

Come celebrate the Holidays with us Merlin style at [ profile] camelot_drabble

An anon exchange fest of Christmas gifts – drabbles, drawbles, or any fanwork that tickles your fancy! Hoping to see you there!

Sign-up’s, schedule, and rules will be posted at the start of December!


I love this comm! It's a friendly, sweet place to write each week and it's run by some seriously terrific people. If you haven't checked it out yet, this is an excellent time to do so!
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♥ Big Thanks to [ profile] winterstorrm for bringing this to my attention!! ♥

I've put two offers up:

One for Icons for any fandom (or no fandom).

One for Fic for Merlin or Doctor Who (any Era).

Please check out all the offers up for grabs and help if you can. My own family was heavily effected by this storm so you may well be helping me and my family directly (or indirectly) if you do. Thanks so much!!
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It really is time we spread the h/c around a bit!


Sep. 11th, 2012 07:41 am
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It's Time
for the Artist's
to Tell the Tale!

Sign ups are open for the [ profile] merlinreversebb!
A Merlin challenge where artists make art that authors claim to write fics based off.

The Rules and Schedule
Sign Ups: Artist | Author | Fic and Art Betas

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Come and join [ profile] mpregbigbang!
A multi-fandom big bang challenge centered on mpreg.

Rules and Information
Sign Ups: Author | Artist

OK, so sue me, I just can't get enough Mpreg lately!


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