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Originally posted by [ profile] alby_mangroves at Prepare for Glomping

Are you a lurker? A reader? A commenter or an enabler in the wonderful Merlin fandom?


Come and be glomped at the [ profile] glomp_fest!

The creators whose art and fic you've enjoyed are watching the prompts roll in, ready to claim one and fill it with their love.


Prompt us. Prompt us now.

Prompting for round 3 opens October 1st, 2013!
F.A.Q. // Support // Tumblr

Sharing the love! Please direct comments and questions to [ profile] alby_mangroves at her Original Post
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Title: Cry Havoc
Author: [ profile] k_nightfox
Artist: [ profile] altocello
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, also featuring Gaius, Kanen, multiple minor OC's and a few walk-throughs by Uther (Big apologies but the girls just didn't fit in this one.Despite the fact that I would have loved to have both of them, there just wasn't a way to work them into any significant roles)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:~81k
Warnings/Content: Graphic Violence, Graphic Rape, Child Abuse/Molestation, Slavery, Angst, Fluff, Magic Suppression, Film Fusion, Canon AU, Romance, Bottoming from the Top, Rimming, Oral Sex, Fingerfucking

Summary: Enslaved by Kanen since childhood, Merlin has been raised to believe his collar is all that keeps him in check. That it is the line between the beast that bites and the dog that obeys…but either way, he's still an animal. Then one day Kanen's gang is ambushed and in the ensuing confusion, Merlin escapes and flees to Camelot where he attempts to start a new life. However, his old master isn’t about to let him go without a fight.

Author's notes: This fic was inspired by THIS prompt at KMM and is loosely inspired by the film "Unleashed"

Sweet Jeebus, where do I begin? I think I shall begin with three incredible people, without whom this fic WOULD NOT exist, and without whom I'd have probably given up on writing altogether. [ profile] rocknvaughn Incomparable Super-Beta who has been with me since before [ profile] paperlegends was even a blip on the radar and who stayed with me for every shaky step of the journey (and if you find this fic at all readable it's entirely due to her efforts). [ profile] altocello Artist Extraordinaire who believed in me before I even had the tiniest nibble from a plotbunny for this beast and who provided me with inspiration, insight, ideas and of course the most AMAZING FUCKING ART EVER. And last but not least, [ profile] amphigoury Cheerleader Supreme and Enabler Extreme who provided me with the prompt, goaded me into writing this story bigger, bolder and that-much-more graphic whenever I was feeling timid and who gleefully read along providing wonderful insight and serving as an amazing sounding board whenever I was stuck.

To the entire PL Chat Gang, thank you for the endless support, friendship, laughter, conversation and REFUGE. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

My heartfelt thanks and sincere congratulations to [ profile] the_muppet for FOUR YEARS of the Most Amazing BigBang hosted on LiveJournal!! Thank you so so so much for your unconditional support and unfailing patience with not only me but also everyone else who participated in this challenge. You are the most wonderful person and I feel privileged just to walk the surface of the same planet you do <3

Artist's notes: [ profile] altocello would love for you to go read the notes in her space <3
Story link: On AO3
Art link: On AO3|On LJ
Disclaimer: We don't own these guys...we just wish we did! No one's making any money off this, it was all done for love <3
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Originally posted by [ profile] teprometo at Arthur/Merlin-esque T-Shirt Available!

I mentioned in a previous post the possibility of creating a fannish shirt. After discussing it a bit and playing around with ideas, Nic came up with an idea for an original design that is really fucking gorgeous, if I do say so myself. He's not fannish at all and will be buying one of the shirts for himself because he likes the design so much, and I will be buying one for mostly fannish reasons. The beauty of it is that it's really its own concept but it still can be interpreted fannishly.

We also discovered that we could roll different shirt styles and brands into the same goal, which is awesome. That means we can satisfy people who want the girly cut shirts, people who want larger sizes, and people who want to tell American Apparel to suck it (though the red is a bit darker because Hanes doesn't have the same color selection). Because there's a limit of five products that can be part of the same campaign, we were only able to offer alternate colors in the American Apparel shirts.

Yammering aside, I unveil to you The Bandit King, a T-shirt you will never have to explain away, because the non-fannish concept is provided for you in the title.

Order One Now!

If you have any questions, let me know!

And please share this post or the link to the shirt with those who may be interested!

Please direct comments/questions to [ profile] teprometo's original post. Thanks!
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Originally posted by [ profile] teprometo at Subtle Arthur/Merlin T-Shirts, Anyone?
Please share this post if you're the type of person who shares posts.

As lots of you know, Knerkle does a significant amount of design work. He recently bought a crowdsourced T-shirt and loved the experience so much, he wants to make one of his own. We thought it would be a great opportunity to have an experienced T-shirt designer make subtle shipping shirts. So many shipping shirts are either really blatant (which embarrasses a lot of people) or are just poor quality (either in design or in construction).

Nic is thinking the T-shirts would probably end up around $18, which is more than I pay for my flimsy Target T-shirts, so I know that's a scary price tag, but they'd be lady-cut American Apparel T-shirts, which are usually $20-$25 plain, because they're ridiculously comfortable and durable. And they do real silkscreening, so you are paying for a quality product.

So basically, I'm trying to figure out how many people would be interested. This website is like Kickstarter in that people will only be charged/the shirts will only be made if a certain number are sold, so it doesn't make sense to go to the work of designing the shirts if there won't be enough interest to get them made.

This isn't a thing Nic is doing to make money. The most he'd make is probably $25, and he charges at least $80 an hour when he bills for design work. He's just excited about doing the crowdsource thing, and this is a great way to both satisfy his curiosity and bring extra joy to fannish people's lives.

TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS! Concerns, suggestions, and enthusiasm welcome!

If this is a success and a good experience, there is a possibility of branching out into other fandoms/ships/whatever.

ETA: So lots of you are pissed about using American Apparel T-shirts, which I understand in theory, because misogyny and douchebaggery is not okay. In practice, however, printing on guilt-free textiles is not accessible. The only other options for shirts on Teespring are made using slave labor, or the next closest thing. American Apparel, while still full of ethical issues, at least pays their workers, and the product is much better. So I mean, go with your conscience, but Hanes is not an ethical upgrade.

Please Comment at [ profile] teprometo's original post so she can gauge interest in the project! Thank you!
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Originally posted by [ profile] moonilicious at Merlin RPF Challenge

Welcome to our first challenge of the year!

Art by [ profile] alby_mangroves ♥ [full size]

The Challenge Write a story of min. 1,500 words or create at least one piece of any other type of fanwork.
The Deadline September 22nd.

We're aiming for an RPFsplosion on September 22nd, meaning everyone posts on that date.

To sign-up, leave a comment telling us what your favorite thing about your favorite Merlin RPF pairing is.

If you don't have the time to participate right now don't worry, we're going to run another challenge towards the end of the year which will have a theme and might be prompt based, either way this isn't your last chance to sign up. :)

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[ profile] merlin_sexstars

A new Merlin fan community/fest focused on fanfiction and art that includes rentboys, porn stars, strippers, sex slaves, and escorts!

All eras, genres, pairings, and ratings are welcome as long as the posted work meets the theme of the community. (Sex and money and money for sex!)

Run, don't walk over there and CHECK IT OUT!! It's Merlin, it's Money, it's SEX, it's SEXIN' MERLIN FOR MONEY!! What's not to like about this concept? Nothing, that's what. Now GO!

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Merlin Horror Fic/Art Fest

Love Love LOVE This Fest! Everyone should do something for it-whether it's prompt, art or write! So much fun!!

Pimp Time!

May. 31st, 2013 09:27 pm
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Join the [ profile] merlinmpreg fest!
[Art by [ profile] amphigoury. Banner by [ profile] fuckyeah.]

Prompt claiming is open at MpregFest! Go go go!

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So, I got to flail all over my favourite art from the [ profile] merlin_art_fest the other day but I also mentioned [ profile] camelotremix as well and I wasn't able to give you my rec's from there. So here they are :D

Note: Some of these are NSFW so, keep that in mind when viewing!

Doors Unlocked and Opened (the Revelation Remix) This utterly gorgeous piece is a remix of "Bradley Has a Revelation" by [ profile] alby_mangroves. This! THIS!! Colin-Unf!! The scene? Bradley has come upon Colin stripping out of his Merlin costume and Oh My Lord, the view is glorious! MUSCLES!(I really freaking adore this artist's way with muscles) COLLAR BONES!! Nipples! And his FACE!! So perfect. And we have a gorgeous-stunned-Bradley lurking in the background. Really, if you don't LOVE this piece then your soul is dead.

Little Steps (The "It Started Out Like This..." Remix)This one is actually a double rec-fic & art-This is a remix of "It Started Out Like This..." by [ profile] giselleslash. What can I say? This particular author/artist has way too many talents for just one person, BUT we get to reap the rewards of brilliance here!! Since I am focusing on ART today, I want to say that this is one of the most beautiful portraits of Colin that I've ever seen. NAKED PIANO PLAYING. That's what I am talking about people-Colin NAKED AT A PIANO-Colin with sideburns and fluffy hair and stubble with his gorgeous long fingers splayed out over the keys. Then there is the absolutely wonderful-told in Bradley's voice-story of how Bradley came to love Colin. Really, her words...RUN, don't walk over there to check this out!

Lie With Me (The Keep it Secret Remix) Merlin/Morgana- This is a remix of "Chasing a Dream" by [ profile] zephre I LOVE this, the pairing, the pose, the intent. The scene is tender and achingly romantic. The glowing candlelight gives everything a beautiful softness. Yes. DO WANT.

And Be Free (the second Revelation remix) A second remix of [ profile] alby_mangroves' "Bradley Has a Revelation", I just can't stop STARING at this!! This exquisite look at Colin from behind will leave you breathless and pretty much kill your higher brain functioning. All the reasons to love the human body are contained herein. Go, stare, get lost in the beauty.

Next time, more recs from [ profile] merlin_art_fest!!
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OK, so I said I was gonna get better about rec'ing stuff I love, and while I am still working on my next art rec post, I wanted to take a quick minute to rec The Other Half of My Heart.

It's an anon story written for [ profile] camelotremix. It's a remix of [ profile] corilannam's brilliant fic "The Pact".

This fic is a beautiful compliment to the original, taking Arthur's POV and giving us the backstory of these lovers-at-cross-purposes. If you loved the original, go check this out. If you never read the original, STILL go check this out, you won't regret it (then get your butt over to cori's story cuz it's all kinds of awesome.)

Summary: The Albion Pact demands that the Prince of Wales must take someone magic born as his soul-bonded consort by the time he is thirty or face death.

Prince Arthur Pendragon's thirtieth birthday has come and gone and he is getting sicker by the day. With little time left to act, Arthur knows what he must do to save himself: he has to call in a boyhood promise made by Merlin Emrys, his best friend and very talented Detective Inspector Warlock...the same best friend Arthur's been in love with for half his life.

But how can Arthur ask the man he loves more than anything to give up everything he's worked so hard for? Arthur is not sure that he can...and the indecision just might kill him.

Art Recs!

Mar. 23rd, 2013 04:07 am
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OK, I am TERRIBLE about rec'ing things I like and that really needs to change. So here goes!

I have a HUGE fan-boner for art and the Merlin fandom has some of the BEST ART EVER. Right now, there are two incredibly cool fests going on that I'd like to bring your attention to.

First is [ profile] merlin_art_fest which is an anon fest for-you guessed it-Merlin fanart!! I'd really love it if more people would head over there and leave the artists some well-earned praise for their efforts. Writers get so much attention and it's just not fair. I suspect many more of you look at art then actually comment on it. Please, these artists work their buns off, can you spare them a simple, "I love this!" Or an "Ooh! Pretty!" once in a while? Just a few seconds to express your appreciation goes a long, long way.

Next is [ profile] camelotremix which is a fest where both artists and writers take a work created by another participating artist/writer and "remix" it. This entails taking the original idea and putting a new spin on it some how. It's produced some seriously excellent fic but I really want to focus on the amazing ART that's being done there.

OK, so, now that you know where to go for some seriously awesome art, I'll direct you to some of my favourites. I apologize in advance to each respective artist because my feeble words REALLY won't be doing you justice, but Imma gonna try!

[ profile] merlin_art_fest Recs

Healing Gwaine [Gwaine/Merlin - PG] is a beautiful hurt/comfort piece. Why I love it-the gentle, sweet feel to it. The soft lines and texture, the tender expressions they are both wearing, the naked outdoor setting-no, I jest but I adore the setting, the transparent water & the sheltering grasses-yeah. Go check it out!

Arthur Arisen [Arthur/Merlin - PG-13] has already been rec'd all over the place but I can't leave it off my list just because others have loved on it. So damn gorgeous it'll simultaneously make you tear up and drool over your keyboard. What I love about this-What don't I love? The moon Arthur's arse, the water Arthur's back, the setting that very phallic tower in the distance, MERLIN'S FACE, his lovely tear-streaked face, so so relieved...yeah, go now!

Love and Magic [Arthur/Merlin - NC-17] is a really lovely sex-magic piece. Why I love it-What bowls me over every time I look at this is the COLOUR. I adore the vibrant, lovely hues the artist chose for this. The intimacy of the pose is gorgeous, the way they are so wrapped up in each other, eyes connecting, bodies entwined, magic enveloping them...and butterflies!! Yes, soo sooo pretty. Have a look-see!

Midnight Blue [Merlin - G] Merlin in a dress-Don't run away!! What I love about it-So many things! OK, first, what's gong to jump up and slap you in the eyes at first is the most amazing shade of BLUE that's ever graced your computer screen. Then the bold scarlet slash of Merlin's mouth is gonna draw your eyes to his face and while those gorgeous saturated colours will seduce you into looking, it's all the other little details that are gonna keep you staring. The knowing expression on Merlin's face, the play of light across his cheekbones, the sharp cut of his jaw, and the long strong column of his throat leading you down to the most unf!-worthy collarbones you ever saw. I love the way that Merlin is utterly masculine and strong despite wearing lipcolour, eyeliner and a blue velvet dress. The spray of hair across a hard-muscled chest, the sharp definition of muscle in the arm (no one does musculature like this artist) and that utterly stubborn chin-he's cross-dressed but he sure ain't girly! Go, let this one have it's wicked way with you!

Verbum sat sapienti & Libertas parta [Merlin/Arthur - G] If you didn't guess from the title, this rec is for a work in two parts. GLADIATORS-need I say more? Why, yes, I think I do! Why I love it-Not only is the art amazing, but it's got such an incredibly rich STORY as well! Arthur is so incredibly put out by a casually confident Merlin, ahhh! I love it! The pouty lip kills me! Merlin's pose is pure gold! Then when you get over the attitudes, let the amazing level of beautiful detail just astonish the shit out of you. Arthur's armour alone will keep your eyes stuck to the screen for a long time, searching out the tiniest things that add up to an incredibly complex piece of work. AND that's just the first part! Scroll down and check out the next part of the story. The light, the LIGHT blows me away! Also Arthur's big ole man hands gripping that sword with a humble (for once) Merlin kneeling before him, head bowed...oh yeah. Just...yeah. You who are about to art, I salute you! (Ignore my cheesy crap and go love this right now!)

First Sight [Merlin/Arthur - G] Modern Reincarnation! What I love about this-Love at first sight! Instant recognition! This is actually another dual-image work. We get to see Arthur gawping as he catches sight of Merlin for the first time (in this life) and then we get Merlin's sweetly arrested expression when he first beholds Artur. Both pieces are lovely and delicate with softly vibrant colours and gentle lines. I love the details around both of them, the busy window full of life behind Arthur and the table Merlin's sitting at. Really, really romantic feel to everything. Be prepared to be swept off your feet!

The Gentleman Barber [Merlin/Arthur - NC-17] Warning: This one might just make you stare for HOURS. Why I love it-Oh God, where do I start? I think I am going to start with Arthur's face-Sidebuuuurns! And the way you can tell he is looking at the most precious thing he's ever beheld in his life-perfect features aside, that absorbed, tender expression is breath-stealing. Then his HANDS OMFG, those beautiful hands! Grasping Merlin's chin in one and the razor raised in the other, you now know why his face is so intent-loving but utterly focused-determined not to harm a single whisker on Merlin's face that he doesn't intend to. Roam up over the soft hair and down the slope of his long, strong neck until you reach shoulders and arms round with perfectly sculpted muscle-let your eyes slide over the powerful chest, down the tight belly to where the cut of his hip will eventually draw you on to Merlin's hand grazes a truly glorious ass. Wander back up the equally beautiful line of Merlin's tight muscled body-slightly concave abdomen, flaring ribs, the light smattering of hair across his chest (clavicles!)-keep on til you reach the long line of his throat and the curl of one lovely ear before you finally reach Merlin's face (face fuzz!). The way his lips are parted and his eyes are zoomed right in on Arthur's, as if he can't catch his breath because Arthur is just that FUCKING beautiful-trust-he is baring his throat to the blade in Arthur's hand, trust and passion and excitement all at once...Yeah, so, if you aren't convinced by all this, click on it anyway, you won't be disappointed!

this hole where you and i will sing [Merlin/Arthur - G] Beware the accompanying fic-it will rip your guts right out. What I love about this- This gorgeous piece is a "comic". (If it were longer, it'd be a graphic novel.) This is painfully beautiful. Contrary to what the anon artist says, I found you DON'T have to read the fic for this to make perfect sense. I didn't and it did. Each drawing is amazing and emotion just bleeds from every panel. From the sweetness of happy memories to the bitter bite of a painful present, you really can't fail to be moved by every bit of the story told by this perfectly drawn comic. Prepare yourself for lots of FEELZ.

I think that's enough for one post. I'll be back with recs from the [ profile] camelotremix later on!

PLEASE NOTE: If you LOVE the art you see and want to share it with your friends, that's fantastic! Do it! But, please share a link, don't repost anything. All the art belongs to the artists and they are the only one's who should be posting their art anyplace on the web. Thanks!
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Art Prompt Title: #1006
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: [ profile] goss

Fic Title: Drawn From The Heart
Author: [ profile] k_nightfox
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18.5k
Warnings: Voyeurism

Summary: Post S3 Canon AU:

Merlin is an accomplished artist. It's not a secret, not like his magic, but very few people are aware of his talent. Arthur isn't one of them.

Unlike the real prince, the portraits of Arthur Merlin draws stare up at him with affection, love and sometimes even desire.

So when Arthur inexplicably pushes Merlin away, the resulting feelings of loss and loneliness cause Merlin to make a desperate decision: he brings his latest drawing of Arthur to life. And this Arthur loves Merlin...passionately.

Drawn from the Heart
Part I
Part II
Part III

Or On AO3

Author's Note:

Dear Goss,

I truly fell in love with the art you created for Reverse Big Bang immediately. As soon as I saw it, and the idea for this story came to me almost in an instant. I only wish that this was written as quickly!

Thank you for the inspiration! I sincerely hope you enjoy the results.

Thank you so much to the mods over at [ profile] merlinreversebb for the understanding and support!

Massive thanks to my beta [ profile] rocknvaughnfor the unending support AND for whipping this story into shape. If it's at all readable, that's all down to her!

Thanks [ profile] jelazakazone for the story title!

Also: For the purposes of this fic, I have banished the historically inaccurate glass mirrors from Camelot. Go with it, I have my reasons!

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So, I got a Bingo already with my first card and here I am with a New one!

Arthur in bedMagical stonesLeonLower Town

S1E3-Illness in the Lower Town

Orders are Disobeyed

S1E4-Arthur disobeys Uther and goes after the morteus flower

Fireside chatsMagical booksKissing

S1E7- Sofia kisses Arthur


S1E7- Sofia enchants Arthur

Ship: Arthur/Knight
Merlin disobeys ArthurArthur raises sword

S1E4- A raises his sword and faces the cockatrice

FREEEvil seductress

S1E4- Nimueh/Cara & S1E7- Sophia

Merlin spell

S1E2- Merlin masters the spell to bring the dog/snakes to life

Ship: Merlin/Morgana

S1E6- Merlin frets for sick Morgana


S1E7-Brigands in the woods attacking Sofia & Aulfric

Mace (weapon)

S1E2- "How's your macework coming along?"


S1E4-Merlin drinks poison


S1E3-"The most likely cause is...sorcery!"


S1E7-A fires at the brigands


S1E2-Arthur & Co rocking capes at the tournament!

Ship: Merlin/Knight

S1E5- Mercelot Baby!!

Gaius/Merlin hug

Note to self: S1E2 onwards (S1E1 used for card #1)
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Title: A Bright Blade in a Shielded Sky
Author: [ profile] k_nightfox
Rating: R
Pairings: Lancelot/Merlin
Word Count: ~47k
Content/Warnings: Fantasy AU - violence, character death
Summary: Merlin and Lancelot are two sides of the same coin, the Shield and Sword of the King. They are bound together by destiny and well on their way to greatness. That is, until Merlin’s past catches up with him in the form of a long-lost brother from another world. When Merlin is torn away from Camelot, Lancelot follows him to the strange land of Ælfheim determined to bring him back…no matter what the cost.

Author's Notes: This was written as a gift fic for [ profile] j_corrosion for the [ profile] merlin_holidays exchange. I paid particular attention to the prompts for winter, war, violence & high fantasy. This is a bit more action oriented than my usual stories. I hope some of you enjoy it!

Extra shiny thanks to [ profile] rocknvaughn for the amazing beta and the hand holding (aka repeatedly talking me down from the roof). Thanks to [ profile] jelazakazone for the input and daily support (listening to me whine) from start to finish. Also, thanks to the Merlin Holidays mods for their endless patience.

Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to Shine and BBC. I make no profit from this endeavor

Please Read on AO3


Jan. 4th, 2013 07:07 am
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Pretty sure I'm going to write for this again this year :D Join me?


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