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Multifandom pretend dating/relationship fest!

Yep, Another one! But damn, does this look fun! It's a comment fest over on [ profile] blue_eyed_1987's journal. Leave a prompt, fill a prompt, do both-it's all good!


Jan. 7th, 2013 02:58 pm
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An absolutely guilty pleasure of mine, The Omega Verse now has a comm all its own! Come and play with all us deviants! :D

instinctivelust 001-
Banner by [ profile] freakingcrups

Don't let the pretty banner fool you, this comm welcomes ALL fandoms!
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So a bunch of my friends are doing it: [community profile] trope_bingo. Looks like a lot of fun!

truth or dare game night mistletoe kiss secret twin / doppelganger au: daemons
cross-dressing de-aged accidental marriage fake relationship kidfic
kiss to save the day day at the beach FREE

fuck or die amnesia
au: fantasy secret child au: cop / detective au: coffee shop genderswap
snowed in au: magic road trip au: apocalypse celebratory kiss
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This is really just a rant but I keep seeing this and it really honks me off. There are two places in particular that this issue keeps popping up.

First, I am a happy member of [ profile] merlin_finders. I love getting recs from other people's searches and I like being able to help out if I can find something for someone else. All in all, it's a great comm. However, I really, really hate when someone takes the time to emphatically specify, NO SLASH. Really? You have to just spew it out like that? Not, "I prefer gen fic" or "I'm looking for het pairings"?

I mean, I understand that slash isn't for everyone and you are certainly within your rights to read what you want to read but there really is something about the way that phrase reads that just screams homophobia to me.

I find it amazing the amount of intolerance you can cram into two small words. The disgust and disdain that pours off that simple statement is astonishing.

On, authors show their hate with the same phrase or the slight variant of Not Slash and they often take the time to put in bold, italics or ALL CAPS just to be sure you got the message. Slash is nasty and you won't find it in my pristine little fic!

This has been building in me for a while now. I used to just shrug and keep on going but the more I see it, the more it bothers me. I have to be honest, I don't care how good your story might be, if you label yourself as a homophobe at the very top of the damned thing, I sure as hell am not going to read any further. It's not that I'm exclusively looking to read slash either. I'll take well written het and gen fic any day. But I'll be double dipped in dog shit before I support the work of an intolerant prick!

Same thing goes for searches on [ profile] merlin_finders. If you say NO SLASH, you get NO FIC from me. I may have exactly what you are looking for in my hot little hands but you have just shown yourself unworthy of my help. Take your shriveled little hating heart and be on your way.

OK, that's it for now. Time for me to go fall on my nose and sleep for a few hours!
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Alright, I've had time to watch and rewatch S5E2 a few times. It took me a while to process my thoughts about this episode because most of it just honked me off.

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I am a member of [ profile] merlin_finders and I love stalking other people's posted searches because I find so much good merlin fic that I've managed to miss on my own by doing so. I am occasionally startled when someone is looking for or recs one of my fics but it's happened a few times.

Today someone asked "Please rec the most painful, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching M/A fic you can." Another lj user made a few specific story recs and then added "In general, I'd recommend these two authors (for wrenching of guts)" and I was one of them. It has me that a good thing?

I mean, it's beyond lovely to have my fic mentioned (how could it not be?!) but does it mean that I am way too predictable in what I write? I find myself worrying that people assume everything I write will rip their guts out and...well, I do do a lot of angst but not all of it's heartbreak! I don't think...

So, OK, has anyone actually read a smattering of my work or do I completely scare people off with the tone of some of my stories? I'm just curious. I'm going to continue to write what inspires me but I'd really like to know if I'm seen as that much of a constant downer.

Seriously, you can be honest and I won't be offended, I am genuinely interested in how my writing is perceived. So let me have it, fire away!

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My dear friend [ profile] nymfayaredflare just emailed me this pic and I couldn't help but share it since I know I am not the only fan of hot guys in kilts...sweaty hot guys in kilts...dirty, sweaty, hot guys in kilts!

OK, maybe it is just me but I seriously doubt it...

and I can't help thinking that guy left of center looks a little bit like Rupert Young...
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OK, I can't help it. I left a prompt on [ profile] merlin_tshirts asking for a design with Arthur & Merlin as cats. I left roughly edited pics of what kind of cat I wanted each to be:



and [ profile] obiskus took my prompt and made some awesome!! She even took my suggestions for cheesy-cute plays on their names. Purrrthur & Mewlin are just adorable!

Go check it out, cuz if you love cats and you love Merlin (and I know plenty of you do) you will adore this! I know as soon as I have some spare cash I am going to go to Redbubble and order it on a t-shirt!
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Rule 1 - Post the rules
Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them!

I was tagged by [ profile] isisanubis

1) Do you comb or brush your hair? Both. I brush it immediately after washing to get the major tangles out, then comb it with a large, then small tooth comb to make it smooth (recently developed technique btw, I used to just be a frizzy mess all the time!)

2) Are you allergic to anything strange? (I‘m allergic to bandage/plaster adhesive)-Aerosol propellants. I don't know which ones but I go into an immediate asthma attack upon breathing them in. When cleaning, if I must use an aerosol, I hold my breath, spray then run away till it all settles out of the air.

3) What’s your dream vacation? A long tour of all the Celtic nations :D

4) Have you discovered anything because of fandom? (I didn‘t know yaoi manga existed before fandom, and I love it)- That I have the hardest love for slash ever! I always thought two guys making out/having sex was hot but honestly it was more on a shallow, pervy level of pure sex. Then fan-fiction got me so into the emotional & relationship aspects as well and I love it all!

5) What’s your favorite domestic thing to do? Erm, as in like domestic task? Or some type of homey craft? Or just what I like to do at home? So...I'll answer all three. Domestic task: Laundry, hands down. I love the smell and feel of warm, clean clothes so much that it doesn't seem like a chore to me. Homey craft: I make jewelry, I guess not so domestic but I do it at home and all by hand so I guess it counts! What I like to do at home: Write, read and basically be attached to my computer by the wrists!

6) Do you remember the pairing that got you into fandom? Doctor Who, Ten/Rose

7) What’s the oddest compliment you’ve ever received? That I had "cute toes" which I am pretty sure I don't agree with!

8) What are your favorite non-fandom websites to visit? Wikipedia, Netflix, Etsy, eBay, You Tube (although that prolly doesn't count cuz mostly it's for music or for fan-videos).

9) What’s your favorite scent/perfume to wear - candle to burn? I don't have a favorite, I have a selection that changes with my mood. I do tend to like anything Amber or Sandalwood based, orientals(for perfume) and spicy Autumn/food or woodsy scents for candles/scented oil warmers (and occasionally perfumes as well.)

10) Coffee/tea - black, with milk, sugar? Coffee-half & half or creamer and Truvia; Tea-all kinds-naked (no milk or sweetener)

11) Are you looking forward to summer? Yes and No. Yes because it's Renaissance Festival Season!! Yay! No because I hate heat and humidity and we get lots of both in southern NJ :(

Now, my turn to tag people. [ profile] nymfayaredflare, [ profile] winterstorrm, [ profile] jissai1988, [ profile] analise010, [ profile] yenny2206, [ profile] hogwartsvixxxen, [ profile] steamyaffair, [ profile] quixotic_crush, [ profile] slightlytookish, [ profile] lolafeist and [ profile] elirwen.

Now, my questions:

1) What was your very first fandom? I don't care if you were 5 or 50 when it happened, what was the show/book/movie/comic that first gripped your mind and wouldn't let go?

2) Bikinis, Boxers or Briefs?

3) Dyed or Natural?

4) Who is your number #1 celebrity crush and can you actually articulate why beyond, "guh!"?

5) Who was your first celebrity crush?

6) What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

7) Going to school did/do you hate, love or meh?

8) Do you still read printed paper books/magazines/newspapers or are you strictly eReader/online now?

9) In RL do you personally know someone who is mentally ill? If so, do they scare you?
(You can't count yourself even if you have a official diagnosis. And you can't count me either since I am asking the question and yes I do have one, MDD.)

10) If you could live anywhere in the world, money being no obstacle, where would it be?

11) Do you like who you are on the inside?

Alright, answer if you like or not. You can continue the meme on your journal, leave it in a comment below if you don't feel like doing the meme, answer me in a PM if you don't want others to know the answers or COMPLETELY IGNORE ME. I am fine with any of the above!
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This is part of a set of jewelry I am making from a portrait of Elizabeth I of England when she was still Princess Elizabeth. According to historians she was approximately 13 years old when this painting was done. I had finished the brooch as well but it seems to have gone missing. I've torn my home apart looking for it with no success so I'm going to have to do it all over again! *head desk* When it's done I'll post it for you! (Which may be a while, it's a tad labor intensive.)

After that I'll make the longer, plain pearl necklace that you see in the portrait as well. One of these days, it is my dream to have this gown reproduced, either by doing it myself (when I develop the necessary skills, I already have the pattern!) or by buying a reproduction (I found a seamstress who makes a pretty good reproduction of this gown but it's not perfect and it's also about $500. So I'll most likely wait until my own skills are up to the job!)

So, here it is, The Princess Elizabeth Necklace. My only concern is that I used pearls all the way around so I may also wind up redoing the necklace with the gold beads instead of the smaller pearls but I'm very happy with how the pendant came out. It was even more labor intensive than the brooch due to having to join several disparate brass pieces into one to get the right shape. Then those pearl drops at the bottom were a bit of a b*tch!

Hope you like it!

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So this first pic is one I snapped really quickly as I ran out the door on my way to give my #3 entry to a friend as a thank you gift for helping me alter a Renaissance bodice to fit me properly. My sewing skills are still very rudimentary and she's a professional seamstress who won't take a dime from me in payment. So, this is how I thanked her for her help:

Now these were made specifically for her with her favorite colors & style in mind but I thought they came out rather nice. All the "silver" components are silver plated brass except for the spacers (honestly I don't know what metal they are made from, bead suppliers are often vague.) The "amethysts" are Swarovski crystal. And she loved them! Can't tell you how happy that made me because she offered her services (free of charge!) to someone she's only met a few times. I think she loves her craft as much as I love mine ;-)

When I can, I'll always try to tell you what materials I've used in a piece and show you the components if I have any left. I have a few hard and fast rules to my "kreations" (My ebay shop used to be called Kats Eye Kreations) #1 I never make the same piece twice. I may make the same style in a different color or the same colour in a similar but different style but I absolutely refuse to do 2 of the same thing...ever. #2 I don't use "cheap" materials. All crystals are Swarovski, and other glass beads or gems are of the highest quality Bohemian (Czech) glass with few exceptions (and only when they are exceptional exceptions ;-)

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This one is not a particularly new piece, it's just a personal favorite. Some of my work is very heavy and elaborate and some of it is more on the delicate side. Since yesterday's neckpiece was one of the elaborate works in-the-making, I thought something simpler would be nice for today.

I love this necklace because it's got a nice Victorian sensibility to it and though it's hard to tell from a flat picure, this one looks really lovely worn nestled around the base of the throat. The stones are natural gems called Iolite and again, it's hard to tell from the photo but they are a deep violet blue in color. Iolites can range from a pale bluish gray (like the beads on this necklace) through to an indigo so dark they appear almost black. The chain and findings on this are sterling.

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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So I have given in *shakes fist* Winterstorrm!! Anyway, my blog shall mostly be about my jewelry making, current projects and past as well as my Historical & Steampunk costume building hobby.

So I decided to start off with something I am currently working on. The first is a pic of the piece itself which will eventually become a necklace and the second pic is of each individual component before I put them together.

I think I am also going to enamel the leaves on the vine components (green of course). I shall either update you as I make progress or when the necklace is complete. It all depends on how motivated I am to photograph it!

Sorry that parts of the pics are fuzzy, these are directly scanned on a flatbed scanner.

If you want to see the actual details a little clearer, try using your zoom feature!

So this is my #1 out of the next 100!

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Something someone wrote in a video summary brought a thought to my head that made me sick to my stomach. (Well, I already was sick to my stomach, have been all day, this just made it worse.)

When interviewed, the J's have kind of blown off the magical reveal. That irritated quite a few of us fans. They've also now revealed that they are going to do a pretty big jump in time between Series/Season 4 and 5 (if Mordred's apparent age is any indication it's going to be a hell of a leap forward).

What if those muthafucka's do the magical reveal off-screen sometime in the years between Season 4 & 5? What if we NEVER get to see it at all?

*screeches and tears out a few handfuls of hair just thinking about it*

They CAN'T do that to us...can they?

Not a nice thought at 3:30am.
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[ profile] dark_fest[ profile] dark_fest[ profile] dark_fest
The multifandom fest for fanfiction with dark themes has now opened prompt claiming.
Fest Schedule and FAQ

If ever there was a fest made for me, this one's it!
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I have watched Merlin on my Netflix countless times...literally countless. While I am there several times a week and have been for longer than I care to think about, I never really paid attention to the episode descriptions. Today I just happened to notice the synopsis for Series/Season 1 Episode 1 and it cracked me up!

The Dragon's Call
Merlin, a young good-looking country boy, arrives in the bustling, colorful city of Camelot and witnesses an execution.

Maybe I am just weird but the fact that they stress Merlin's looks over so much else that happened in the very first episode just made me laugh my ass off.

Maybe it's because the makers of the show seemed to go out of their way to make him look as unattractive as they possibly could? I mean, it never really worked but they sure as hell tried!

Still chuckling internally over this :D


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