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So, I joined this thing. I'm always making icons and I thought, what the heck? Why not join an icontest community where I get to make pretty mini-pics of BRADLEY JAMES!! Seems a good use of my non-writing time, right?

OK, so now that I joined, I need a bit of help from my flist! Obviously, I can't tell you which icons are mine, but if you could GO HERE and VOTE I'd be very, very appreciative <3

It'll only take a few seconds...please?

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Greetings my lovely flist! I'd like to take a moment to pimp out the [ profile] paperlegends authors still in need of cheerleaders. I've been lucky enough to have plenty of support for my own Big Bang Odyssey but there are a lot of authors who could still use a bit of encouragement.

If you haven't already signed up, would you consider heading over to the Cheerleader Request post and volunteering to cheer on one (or more) of this year's participants? Every author has different needs and their individual posts reflect that. Check them out, someone needs what YOU have to offer <3

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Hello my lovely flist! I need a bit of help. My writing mojo has stalled and what will usually kick-start it and keep it humming is the right music. So with that in mind, can you all recc me you favourite pining love songs & erotic/sexy songs?

All styles/genres welcome but I'd really prefer no country music. It's not that there's anything wrong with it, it just doesn't work for me.

Thanks in advance!!


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