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Nothing Impressive, this is mostly just to tidy up here and make it easier to read my multi-chaptered works. Please note that the warnings here are just the biggies. See each work for complete warnings.


Blood, Wood, Snow and Sky  G

Arthur - 938 words

On a snowy night alone in the woods, Arthur comes to know he has a destiny beyond simply inheriting a crown.

Even Dead Men Dream  R (to be safe)

Lancelot/Merlin - 9,483 words

Due to Morgana's meddling, Lancelot is certainly having an interesting after-life!

Written for [ profile] merlin_canon

Facing the Music  (a work in progress) NC-17

Uther/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin? - 23,337 words

Uther has to deal with both Arthur and Gaius after he takes Merlin as his very personal servant. Arthur doesn't deal too well...

Feel It In Your Skin  NC-17 (Depending on where you live, possibly underage character)

Arthur/Merlin - 12,600 words

Merlin Emery-Rice is a Hospital Corpsman on the USS Pocahontas during WWI. His service is going better than he could ever have anticipated until Gunner Arthur Pendragon arrives onboard and threatens to shatter everything he's worked so hard for.

Written for the [ profile] merlin_games Tournament of Champions

For Her Life NC-17 (coercion, genderbending)

Arthur/girl!Merlin - 6,677 words

To save Gwen's life, what if Merlin changed himself into a woman instead of an old man?

Fulfilled PG

This is really just Merlin - 924 words

Arthur is King. Albion is united. Arthur and Gwen are happily married with a baby on the way. Merlin's destiny is fulfilled, he is finally free to find some peace.

Hold on Loosely  (a work in progress-Actually, this is more or less the rough draft in progess) NC-17 (some violence)

Arthur/Merlin - 23,097 words

On the night of a feast, Arthur's possessiveness toward Merlin goes a little too far.

Of Honey and Lizards G

Merlin/Arthur friendship or VERY pre-slash - 1,747 words

A four year old Prince Arthur found a lizard in a cave and the creature told him
a secret...

Of Stolen Blankets and Illicit Picnics NC-17
Gwaine/Merlin - 3,550 words

Merlin is persuaded to ditch his duties in order to go on a picnic with Gwaine.

Written for [ profile] gwaine_quest's Jamuary Challenge

Roman Military Practices R

Leon/Gwane, Percival, Elyan & Lancelot- 2,401 words

Leon doesn't quite know how he ended up bedding each of the new knights...

Written from a KMM prompt for the [ profile] merlinchallenge's Yuletide Exchange

Something Missing NC-17

Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot, Gwaine/Merlin, (Gwen/Merlin unrequited) - 28,219 words

Gwen's left Arthur for Lancelot but before she goes, she dispells a 10 year old mystery...

Stare NC-17

Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine - 5,587 words

Gwaine drags Merlin out for a night in a dubious club.

The Taste of Victory R

Arthur/Merlin and (past) Merlin/Gwaine - 4,666 words

No one expected Merlin Emrys to win the Gold Medal for Individual Men's Archery, not even Merlin. However, hell hath no fury like an athlete scorned!

Written for the [ profile] merlinolympics

Uther's Morning After NC-17

Merlin/Uther - 4,002 words

Uther wakes up curled up in bed with Merlin and contemplates what brought them to this moment.

Want R

Arthur/Merlin - 547 words
Arthur wants but does his want want him?

This one's dark but not graphic.

What the Lizard Knew G

Arthur/Merlin pre-slash - 1,397 words

Sequel to "Of Honey and Lizards"

When the Prince was a small child he met a lizard who told him a secret and made him a promise. He grew up and forgot but the secret slept and the promise kept.

Twisted/Dark Merlin
aka The Sick Shit

Acceptance NC-17 (non-con, violence)

Arthur/Merlin - 3,583

One learns to accept what one can not change.

A Thunder In Our Hearts -Master Post NC-17 (non-con, slavery, violence)

Arthur/Merlin - 100k+

Uther unwittingly inherits Arthur's destiny when he takes Merlin for his own. Now Arthur must find a way to stop his father's tyrancial rule and take back the destiny he was born to.

Written for [ profile] paperlegends 2012

Bear the Scars NC-17 (non-con, violence)

Arthur/Merlin - 5,912 words

Destiny bites and Merlin bears the scars

Hatred NC-17 (speculative violence & non-con)

Arthur/Merlin - 2,184 words

The boy would come to curse all his blessings and regret the day he made the
Crown Prince aware of all his failings.

Honoured Above All Others NC-17 (non-con, violence)

Athur/Merlin, Uther/Merlin - 4,423 words

There is a bone of contention between the King and the Crown Prince of Camelot.

Want R (implied non-con & violence)

Arthur/Merlin - 547 words
Arthur wants but does his want want him?

This one's dark but not graphic.

Wasn't That a Dainty Dish to Set Before the King? NC-17 (non-con, violence)

Athur/Merlin - 2,453 words

I'm only doing this because you've been begging me for it.

Doctor Who

Gone PG

2,703 words

Rose can't reconcile herself to life with the half-human Doctor. This will lead to regrets...

Missing Her G

723 words

The Doctor(Ten) isn't the only one missing Rose.

Why He Really Left PG

2,138 words

The Doctor finally explains to Jack the real reasons he was left behind on Satellite Five.

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