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Originally posted by [ profile] teprometo at Arthur/Merlin-esque T-Shirt Available!

I mentioned in a previous post the possibility of creating a fannish shirt. After discussing it a bit and playing around with ideas, Nic came up with an idea for an original design that is really fucking gorgeous, if I do say so myself. He's not fannish at all and will be buying one of the shirts for himself because he likes the design so much, and I will be buying one for mostly fannish reasons. The beauty of it is that it's really its own concept but it still can be interpreted fannishly.

We also discovered that we could roll different shirt styles and brands into the same goal, which is awesome. That means we can satisfy people who want the girly cut shirts, people who want larger sizes, and people who want to tell American Apparel to suck it (though the red is a bit darker because Hanes doesn't have the same color selection). Because there's a limit of five products that can be part of the same campaign, we were only able to offer alternate colors in the American Apparel shirts.

Yammering aside, I unveil to you The Bandit King, a T-shirt you will never have to explain away, because the non-fannish concept is provided for you in the title.

Order One Now!

If you have any questions, let me know!

And please share this post or the link to the shirt with those who may be interested!

Please direct comments/questions to [ profile] teprometo's original post. Thanks!


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