Mar. 31st, 2013

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So, I got to flail all over my favourite art from the [ profile] merlin_art_fest the other day but I also mentioned [ profile] camelotremix as well and I wasn't able to give you my rec's from there. So here they are :D

Note: Some of these are NSFW so, keep that in mind when viewing!

Doors Unlocked and Opened (the Revelation Remix) This utterly gorgeous piece is a remix of "Bradley Has a Revelation" by [ profile] alby_mangroves. This! THIS!! Colin-Unf!! The scene? Bradley has come upon Colin stripping out of his Merlin costume and Oh My Lord, the view is glorious! MUSCLES!(I really freaking adore this artist's way with muscles) COLLAR BONES!! Nipples! And his FACE!! So perfect. And we have a gorgeous-stunned-Bradley lurking in the background. Really, if you don't LOVE this piece then your soul is dead.

Little Steps (The "It Started Out Like This..." Remix)This one is actually a double rec-fic & art-This is a remix of "It Started Out Like This..." by [ profile] giselleslash. What can I say? This particular author/artist has way too many talents for just one person, BUT we get to reap the rewards of brilliance here!! Since I am focusing on ART today, I want to say that this is one of the most beautiful portraits of Colin that I've ever seen. NAKED PIANO PLAYING. That's what I am talking about people-Colin NAKED AT A PIANO-Colin with sideburns and fluffy hair and stubble with his gorgeous long fingers splayed out over the keys. Then there is the absolutely wonderful-told in Bradley's voice-story of how Bradley came to love Colin. Really, her words...RUN, don't walk over there to check this out!

Lie With Me (The Keep it Secret Remix) Merlin/Morgana- This is a remix of "Chasing a Dream" by [ profile] zephre I LOVE this, the pairing, the pose, the intent. The scene is tender and achingly romantic. The glowing candlelight gives everything a beautiful softness. Yes. DO WANT.

And Be Free (the second Revelation remix) A second remix of [ profile] alby_mangroves' "Bradley Has a Revelation", I just can't stop STARING at this!! This exquisite look at Colin from behind will leave you breathless and pretty much kill your higher brain functioning. All the reasons to love the human body are contained herein. Go, stare, get lost in the beauty.

Next time, more recs from [ profile] merlin_art_fest!!


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